Ecosystem Sustainability And Climate Change Essay

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An Introduction to Ecosystem Sustainability and Climate Change: Anthropogenic activities have been pouring greenhouse gases into the atmosphere which is evident from the increasing trends of changes in global temperature, precipitation, climate induced hazards/disasters, pest distribution, etc. It is alternating the habitable areas of species, their distribution, rate of survival and reproduction, food web interactions, ecosystem services, and their conservation. Ecological managers need to invent smart solutions to control and mitigate further erosion of ecosystems.

The increase in GHGs concentration in the atmosphere leads to change in climate and biological characteristics of the ...view middle of the document...

Ecosystem based mitigation: Harnessing the capability of the ecosystems for their carbon storage potential through afforestation & reforestation related carbon sequestration, maintenance of natural corridors for migration of species, restoration of ecosystems for the forest or peat conservation, biomass & soil carbon conservation, etc.

The above practices are mainly aimed at enhancing ecological resilience of species, ecosystem services, ecological connectivity, habitat creation, in-situ conservation, re-naturalization of policies, enhancing partnership between multiple stakeholders, and community engagement. The tools which can be used to promote ecological sustainability are biodiversity inclusive EIA, adaptive management, and use of revamped protocols for monitoring of the floral and faunal species.

Case Study 1:

As a part of Bavarian Climate Program (2008-2011), the Bavarian Forest Administration developed extensive maps of the forest areas and developed climate models of different species. The plan envisaged conversion of 2, 69,000 ha of private and community stands of conifer forests into mixed stands. The target is to convert 1, 00,000 ha by 2020 and another 1, 65,000 ha of state forests by 2033 by a public enterprise of Bavarian State Forest known as Bayerische Staatsforsten. It includes replacement of Noway’s Pine and Spruce stands into mixed stands of broad leaf such as beech and oak to promote growth of climate tolerant species. The implemented forestry management techniques is helping to enrich species diversity and richness in the region. The long term conversion since mid-seventies is making the ecosystem more resilient to the stress of biotic and abiotic factors....

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