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Ecotourism And Tourism As A Development Dtrategy In Costa Rica

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Evaluate the strategies designed to manage and sustain the tourist industry in Costa Rica:
From Table 9.5, it appears that Asia, Africa, and the Middle East best manage and sustain tourism since they have a positive difference from 1950-2009 in tourism numbers. The efforts in improving transportation, for example, in China cone tributes to growing tourism numbers. In Costa Rica, the increase in tourism dollars goes back into improving the country -- their life expectancy and environmental performance index has increased as their tourism investment has increased.

Examine the importance of tourism as a development strategy for Costa Rica:
Tourism is vital, especially in low-income countries where global exposure can assist in recognition and solving those problems. While many people do not want to go to Afghanistan because of war, the country could still benefit from tourism. As tourists see the country and appreciate its beauty and customs, their tourism dollars can contribute to infrastructure and education and economic developments. Tourism dollars can trickle down -- tourists make purchases, spend money that contributes to the economy, benefitting local business and individuals. Tourists who come from the US or Europe have a better value for their money, because of the exchange rate, making their economic input of greater impact to developing nations.

An annotated map of Costa Rica that highlights the following:
The bordering countries
Oceans and main water bodies (rivers / lakes)
Capital city and main urban areas
Five key ecotourism places to visit in Costa Rica with a short 25 word description. For example:
-- Las Baulas National Marine Park, a national park, covers almost 44 acres north of Tamarindo that supports a large nesting colony of leatherback sea turtles.
-- Manuel Antonio National Park features impressive landscapes with several coves and white sand beaches seated in the shadow of lush foliage and mountains.
-- Tortuguero National Park is a remote location that tourists reach by boat or airplane, but still the third-most visited park in Costa Rica, featuring eleven different habitats.
-- Arenal Volcano is located in the northern lowlands and visible from it’s tall and imposing silhouette, which erupts on a regular basis.
-- Poas Volcano is an active stratovolcano that has erupted 39 times since 1828, most recently on Tuesday, March 16.

Using your reading from Planet Geography as a source, outline five key characteristics that Costa Rica has that make it a suitable destination for eco-tourists:
-- Bi-lingual
-- Natural attractions (honeypot locations) like the La Fortuna waterfall, rivers, beaches, and mountains;
-- Traditional communities
-- A government that wishes to develop tourism to enrich the country
-- Low density environments that need preservation -- like jungle

Select ONE ecotourism activity that you can do in Costa Rica from your research. Describe and explain this...

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