Ecstacy; A Large Proportion Of Young People, Especially In Britain,Are Regular Users Of The Drug Ecstasy,Adam,X Or Mdma For A Simple Reason: It Provides ....Ect.

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A large proportion of young people, especially in Britain,are regular users of the drug Ecstasy,Adam,X or MDMA for a simple reason: it provides them with access to an experience which they value. Yet the majority of first-time users have no access toreliable information about the drug and rely on folklore forguidance, while little serious attention is paid to the potential uses and benefits of MDMA.MDMA was patented as long ago as 1913 by the German company merck. Rumour has it that the drug was sold as a slimming pill alongwith comic descriptions of its strange side effects, although it wasnever marketed and the patent doesn't mention uses. The next time itcame to light was in 1953 when the US army tested a number of drugsfor military applications - again, folklore says it was tried as atruth drug but there is no evidence for this.MDMA was patented as long ago as 1913 by the German company Merck. Rumour has it that the drug was sold as a slimming pill alongwith comic descriptions of its strange side effects, although it wasnever marketed and the patent doesn't mention uses. The next time it came to light was in 1953 when the US army tested a number of drugs for military applications - again, folklore says it was tried as atruth drug but there is no evidence for this.The father of MDMA - or 'stepfather' as he describes himself is Alexander Shulgin. After obtaining a PhD in biochemistry from the University of California at Berkeley, Shulgin got a job as a research chemist with Dow Chemicals, for whom he invented a profitable insecticide. As a reward, the company gave him a free hand and his own lab. Having had an exciting experience on Mescaline, Shulgin used the opportunity to research psychedelic drugs. An accepted test for psychedelic effects was to observe how fighting fish change their behaviour. But there were problems: fish don't say when they are under the influence and, well, have you ever seen a fish that doesn't look stoned? His answer was to 'suck it and see'.What Ecstasy does is very simple, yet difficult to describe. It combines two opposite effects, stimulation and relaxation, but in addition provides a subtle quality of empathy. A psychotherapist, who took MDMA at Esalen, California, in 1984 when it was still legal, !said, "It made me feel how all of us would like to feel we are anyway . . . smooth and open hearted, not soggy, sentimental or stupid". Another psychologist described it as providing a "brief, fleeting moment of sanity".The most similar experience familiar to most people is being in love.The most predictable feelings experienced are empathy,openness, peace and caring.However, what people experience can vary from paranoia to sleep. depending greatly on other factors called 'set and setting'which includes their cultural beliefs, expectations and state of mind at the time. Even your genetic make up may affect your experience. Psychiatric effectsWhen MDMA is experienced at raves, it lacks some of the subtle effects...

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1328 words - 5 pages individuals who had taken more than fifty MDMA pills has a strikingly increased risk of psychiatric disorders-particularly depression, psychoses, cognitive impairments, and eating disorders-compared with drug users who had taken fewer than fifty pills" (Morris 3).U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration made Ecstasy illegal in 1985 and unfortunately police say the manufacture, smuggling and availability of ecstasy are booming. In the past five

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872 words - 3 pages results. Heavier users have worse damage, but even casual use can harm you.Transition: With an understanding of how Ecstasy is used, let's discuss who is currently taking this drug the most.IV. High-risk groupA. Ecstasy is used most often by young adults and teens at clubs, rock concerts, and raves, which are large, all-night dance parties. It is especially popular on the rave party scene.B. It is, however, beginning to appear in schools.1. In 2000

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