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Ecstasy Effects, Statistics, Etc. Essay

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Ecstasy (also known as MDMA) is a stimulant, hallucinogenic and illicit drug and is illegal in all the countries around the world. It is a drug, which comes in the form of a tablet and is taken orally. The effects of ecstasy are feeling:- open about one's feelings- disorientated- relaxed- dehidrated- more energetic- jaw clenching- restlessness- sweating- lack of concentration- loss of apetite- nausia- tingling sensations- muscle cramping- hallucinations- anxiety- paranoiaSome of the affects of an overdose with ecstasy include:- heatstroke- kidney failure- muscle tension- blurred vision- vommiting- chills- sweating- falling into a coma- deathPeople take ecstasy mainly to have "a good night out". Some people get self concious when at night clubs or parties and because ecstasy makes the user relaxed and more confident, this could lead to more users of ecstasy. Although this is a dangerous way of using MDMA because clubs are usualy full of people dancing, which means that the rooms would be hot and sweaty and if someone had taken an ecstasy tablet they could easily suffer from heatstroke, especially if no water had been consumed on the duration of the tablet's effects which can vary from 4 up to 14 hours depending on which type was taken. People have said that ecstasy is "very pleasant and highly controllable", although there are other reports saying how people had regretted doing the things they did while under the infulence of ecstasy. Prices of ecstasy vary from approximatly $30 to $80 around Australia, $8 to $40 in America and from 50p to £20 in Britan, whereas it only costs about $1 to make in Europe.Ecstasy is not physically addictive although it can become important in indivitual's lives, like if someone gets used to taking MDMA before...

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2407 words - 10 pages Agency classified it as a dangerous drug. The effects of ecstasy are notable. The drug affects the brain, inducing feelings of pleasure and energy. It is neither a stimulant nor a hallucinogenic, its effect is on changing mood and for about six hours after consumption will generate "empathy, openness, peace and caring" (Saunders 1995:36). It soon became recognised that "Ecstasy plus house music equals mass euphoria

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