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Ecstasy: The True Side Of A False Drug

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Ecstasy: The True Side of a False Drug. "A survey of 16-29 year olds in the United Kingdom showed that 9% of surveyors had used ecstasy. After surveying members of the rave scene, the numbers rose to 91%" (Weir 5). A statistic like that gives plenty of reason for the need of both awareness and a form of enforcement against the use of the drug ecstasy. Although this drug is relatively new, the use of ecstasy is rising. Unfortunately, the drug has serious effects: change of mood, sex drive, appetite, and sleep. Such effects often blanket the drugs true dangers. " In January 2000, […], inquest into the death of a 21-year-old Ontario resident who had collapsed at a rave. Several other rave-related deaths in Ontario, Nova Scotia, in the fall of 1999 raised the possibility of raves as a public heath hazard" (Weir 1). Ecstasy is more often hazardous than fun, and it is taking away too many lives of teenagers and young adults. Because we are losing many teens as a result of using of ecstasy, getting information about risks of the drug, while also laying down some form of enforcement is mandatory. While reducing the chance of risks and enforcing laws, it would begin to help decrease the rising amount of injuries and deaths young adults are suffering. What exactly is ecstasy and where did it come from? If you asked an ecstasy user that same question they almost certainly couldn't answer it accurately. Ecstasy is medically known as MDMA, (methylenedioxymethamphetamine). MDMA shares properties with both amphetamine and hallucinogenic drugs. A release of the neurotransmitter serotonin also takes place with ingestion of the drug, and serotonin is thought to be associated with the high of being in love. The MDMA sparked surge of the feel good chemical leads to elation, heightened senses and increased energy (OH 1). Originally in 1914, it was patented as an appetite suppressant, yet was never produced commercially. In the late 1970's the drug resurfaced as a form of psychotherapy, and since the mid 1980's it has become popular at raves (Weir 4).A rave has four key components: the music, the venue, the people, and the drug. Typically, the raves last all night and are held at different venues each time. In the past the raves are held in farmers fields or locations that were released just before the event. This was to avoid any police surveillance. Featured music for a rave has an underground or noncommercial theme, however, there is also many different types such as: hardcore, happy hardcore, faster moving hardcore, jungle (drum and bass), techno, and trance. Techno sound has been described, " repetitive, remorselessly, loud and fast, surging past the listener in mind numbing waves " (Weir 2). Rave attendees are between fifteen and twenty-five years of age and come from middle-class backgrounds. Although this experience is upbeat and fast paced, clothing choices have more of a laid back style. A teens clothing could include baseball hats,...

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