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Law enforcement authorities have recently stated that the increase of ecstasy use is quickly becoming one of the most significant law enforcement issues in communities today. "The use of the club drug ecstasy, also known as mdma, has increased by a third among tenth graders and by sixty-six percent in twelfth graders" (Washburn). The effect of feeling "good", lack of knowledge of ecstasy, and the new popularity of raves are all causing an increase in ecstasy use. Ecstasy users say that the illegal drug makes them "feel good". "Ecstasy is a synthetic, psychoactive drug the can cause stimulant and mild hallucinogenic effects" (Washburn). Its stimulated effects include an enhancement of pleasure, self-confidence and increased energy. Ecstasy's hallucinogenic effects provide the feelings of peacefulness, extreme relaxation, acceptance, empathy, and the elimination of anxiety. Users of ecstasy have said that this drug heightens their perceptions, mostly vision. The feelings from the effects of ecstasy have lead to its slang names such as the "˜hug drug" and the "feel good" drug. The "good" feelings that ecstasy provides gives users the misconception that it is a relatively a safe drug. " While users of the club drug may think they're taking them simply for energy to keep on dancing or partying, research shows these drugs have long-lasting negative effects on the brain that can alter memory function and motor skills"(Congressional). Ecstasy gives its users the feeling that they can participate in parties that last all night or extend over multiple days. Dancing or partying for this long of a time period leads to severe dehydration, heat strokes, coma, seizures, kidney failure, or heart attacks during use. Teenagers are taking these drugs without any idea of the damage they cause. They do not realize that ecstasy is a very destructive substance, which highly effects ones brain and can...

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