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“Ecstatic” Was The Best Way To Describe How I Was

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"Ecstatic" was the best way to describe how I was feeling. I was standing rigidly at my front door waving goodbye to my grandparents, whom I live with, as they set off for their three weeks holiday in paradise. They were flying off from Glasgow airport in four hours time to board a ship and cruise the Caribbean. All week leading up to their holiday I couldn't wait until they were away. Perfect peace and quite, living in tranquillity, cooking my own meals, well if you call phoning for a pizza or a Chinese cooking then it was definitely looking up for me. I was also looking forward to the party that I was organising that evening for my friends and I. As they drove away up the street the grin on my face was definitely getting bigger. But I had no time to stand about and stare I had a party to prepare.Blasting away in the background was the radio, while I was tidying up the house and setting up for the most outrageous party ever. The time was about two o'clock and I had just finished doing all the preparation for the party and just as I sat down to have my lunch, the news on the radio came on. The headline that caught my attention was "A major accident has occurred on one of the busiest roads in Glasgow." This made me stop and think. I then thought to myself I hope my gran and grandad are not late to the airport or they may miss their flight. About half an hour later my music was still blasting away but there was an outrageously sharp knock at the door and I thought to myself that it must be one of the old fuddy-duddy neighbours complaining about the brilliant music again. So I turned the music down and answered the door. As I opened the door there was two tall smartly dressed police officers. One of them in a low, quiet tone said, "Are You Master Christopher Mutter. The grandson of Catherine and Andrew Mutter". I tried to say yes but nothing came out, so I nodded slowly. I stumbled a little and my heart froze solid like a stone. I invited the two officers into the living room where they told me to sit down. They then said that my granparents had been in a major car accident where there was an eight car pile up. The other officer then said that they were in a serious condition and fire fighters were still working on trying to free them. I could not believe what I was hearing. It all seemed like a joke. Water was coming from my eyes, I was crying like a hose spraying water. I think I had an attack of anxiety. I felt as if someone had ripped my heart out of my chest.Lights flashing wildly like a nightclub and the defining sound of the siren was blasting while I sat in the back of the police car as the officers took me to the Glasgow hospital where I would wait for my grandparents to be brought to. On the way to the hospital the police officers tried to make conversation but I was in no mood for chitchat. I thought my grandparents might possibly be dead. The two people in my life that meant the most to me could be dead and this thought just made my eyes...

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