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Ecuador is located in South America, on the Equator it also extends out to sea to the Galapagos Islands. The people of Ecuador speak Spanish, Quechua, and now English is starting to be part of the curriculum for students. Ecuador is the home to all my family, and possible the retirement place for my parents. This is all possible since Ecuador branched out of the Gran Colombia. Going even further into the past Ecuador did not just have one start on being what/where they are now. The history of Ecuador is said be divided into five different phases or eras: Pre-Colombian, The Conquest, The Colonial Period, The War of Independence and the Republican Era. These eras needed to happen so the place I call home could be what it is now. It also has gone through changed within the flag, which is used as a representation – or a symbol to show off were one is from. The people of the city also are the heart of it all, and with time they learn to adapt to new life and customs without losing the traditional ones. Ecuador has gone through many changes to get where it is now. The struggle has been hard for most but at the end the nations is a strong nation.
During the Pre-Colombian era many of the early indigenous civilizations came to be. Civilizations like the Las Vegas Culture to the Valdivia Culture coming out the coast of Ecuador to then having those civilizations being conquered by the Incas. Valdivia culture was the first culture to have a good amount of remains left, thus the discovery was a significant. They are also the first Americans to use pottery, and some of that pottery still remains and is displayed. It is said that little by little different cultures started forming around the coast of Ecuador. With more cultures on the rise, issues regarding territory and even politics arise. During this time period the Incas where trying to establish themselves in Ecuador. 1463 was the year that the Inca’s started their conquest by 1500 the Inca Empire was well established.
When the Spanish land in Ecuador in 1531the great Inca War raged on. The Spanish using superior weaponry and war tactics won the battle that led to the capture of the Inca Emperor Atahualpa. Having the Emperor as a hostage, the Spanish continued with their siege of Ecuador they moved forward and conquered Quito, then they established the city know as Guayaquil. During the ruling of the Spanish Ecuador “was an integral Spain’s colony in the New World” meaning they were conspiring with the laws and policies of Spain until 1720. After a few years under the law of the Spanish the Ecuadorian living within Quito and Guayaquil did not agree with the degree of law that was being pass along to them.
The fight for freedom took them to the era of Gran Colombia. Under the command of Venezuelan Simón Bolívar Palacios and the Argentine José de San Martín a new nation was begin form so the separation from the Spanish could commence. The government of this new nation was temporarily set up as a...

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