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Ecuador Rights Essay

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In my English class, we were asked to read The Kite Runner. This book, a work of fiction, represents real human rights abuses in Afghanistan, woven into a story of tragedy and redemption. As the story progresses, we learn of a practice in Afghanistan where young boys are sold as entertainment and ultimately sex slaves. I was alarmed and disturbed at the practice, and learned, through a Frontline episode that the practice is widespread, and often leads to death for the young boys. I began to look into other human rights abuses in the world, and discovered another heart-breaking and alarming issue in Ecuador, where ...view middle of the document...

In July of 2012, Ecuador’s National Committee held several hearing on a bill that was first introduced by the executive branch of their government. The bill was designed so that women, who were not labeled idiotic or demented, could get post-rape abortions. It did not pass the first time, but was re-introduced again in August of 2013. President Corra has said personally that he would veto the bill if he ever had the chance to because it, “loosened the abortion laws”.(
The Human Right’s Watch went into Ecuador to see how many people have been sexually violated. After interviewing 19,000 households in all 24 provinces, the HRW found that 64% of the women they interviewed were abused by either their current or past partner. They also found that 25% of the women in Ecuador will, in some time in their life, suffer from sexual violence. ( The current anti-abortion law will prevent women who experience sexual violence from escaping the burden of underage maternity. Here is one example of how the anti-abortion laws are really effecting underage girl. When the Human Right’s Watch went into Ecuador they interviewed a young 11 year old girl who had been denied an abortion even after her uncle raped her. Because the doctors could do nothing for her, she had the baby and had to use DNA tests to prove she was raped. The uncle was put in jail but the girl suffered many symptoms of underage post-maternity. (Symptoms included severe headache, chest pain, very high fever, suicidal thoughts and shortness of breath.) (

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