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Ecuadorian Culture, Facts And Figures Essay

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The American continent is divided in 3 regions: North America, Central America and South America. This last region counts with many countries that have a high adult and child mortality rate. For the purpose of this paper I selected Ecuador has the country with one of the highest number in mortality rate. According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2011), the mortality rate for child under 5 years old was 23 per 1000 births and for adults the probability of dying between 15 to 60 years old was for males 162 and females 89 per 1000 births.

Ecuador is located in the western South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean at the Equator, between the border countries of Colombia and Peru. Ecuador’s capital is Quito. This country counts with a population of 15,492,000 habitants. The total area is 283,560 sq. km including the Galapagos Island which is very famous in the world. The highest elevation is the Chimborazo Mountain with an altitude of 6,267 m. The Cotopaxi Mountain in The Andes is the highest active volcano in the world. The country’s climate is tropical along the coast; with some low temperature is high elevations and tropical in Amazonian jungle lowlands. The natural resources of the Ecuador are petroleum, fish, timber and hydropower. This country counts with a population of 15,492,000 habitants. The country’s official language is Spanish but they have some Amerindian languages such as Quechua spoken by some Indian tribes (Geography, 2005)

The Republic of Ecuador has a republic government. In January 15, 2007 President Rafael Correo Delgado was elected as the chief of state and has been in the position since then. Along his side is Lenin Moreno Garces as Vice-president of the country. Ecuador counts with the Unicameral National Assembly which is part of the legislative branch of the country. This institution plays the major role in the presidential elections made every fours years. The National Court Justice is under the judicial branch of the country and it’s in charge of selecting different judges in the country. Also, the country’s election is based on popular votes made by its habitants. Every four year these elections take place and the president and vice-president can be reelected for a second term (CIA, 2013)
Ecuador has an underdeveloped country has been struggling with the economy in the last few years. This country economy is based on their petroleum resources. According to the Central Agency of Intelligence (2012), the Ecuadorian economy slowed to 1% growth in 2009 due the global financial crisis and to the fast and sharp decline in world oil prices and remittance flows. This brought to the country a lot of stress which made look for countries that wanted to help invest in Ecuador oil business and help them come out of the debt. In 2010 the economy grew to a 3.3 % and almost 8 % in 2011 before falling to a 5 % in 2012 (CIA, 2012). The country that made business...

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