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Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You Rhetorical Analysis Texas Southmost College Comp Ii 1302 M10 Essay, Research Paper

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Maritza Benavides
Professor Cook
COMP II 1302-M10
15, April 2017
Modern Love Story
The song, “Shape of You” is a modern-day love story, where two individuals with similar interests, little do they know that destiny is about to diverge their paths as they take a liking to one another. Over the course of a days, these two go from being physically attracted to one another to connecting on a more emotional level. The song climaxes at the point where the male gives it his all to his love interest by training intensively to prove himself to her. While he did lose the fight, he won her heart.
It is said that that music reflects the ongoing trends of society. What does that mean? During the Vietnam war, back in the ‘60s, our music during the Woodstock Festival of ’69 reflected the many pains and opinions of artists over the war. This can be seen in Ed Sheeran’s recent number one pop single, “Shape of You.” It is a modern love story that starts off as a friend with benefits feel and progresses into a relationship. It reflects the fast-paced attitude of our modern society. Society as a we know it, is spoiled by technology. There are certain applications available and certain attitudes to get what we want now, and that can run parallel with the song itself. Songwriter, and artist, Ed Sheeran, is a credible and reliable narrator which through his tone, use of imagery and Rogerian persuasion is used profess his love for his significant other.
Throughout the entirety of the song, “Shape of You,” Sheeran’s tone transforms from being playful and immature to serious and committed by the ending of the song. This is heard in the song and seen from the music video itself. The immaturity can be heard in the first verse of the song, “club isn’t the best place to find a lover” (Sheeran, 2017) and it sets the tone for a much more casual encounter and regards to his new interest as a lover over any similarity to commitment. The playfulness is disguised in his need to drink shots with his friends. The transformation from playful to serious is visualized when he sings, “We’re going out on our first date,” (Sheeran, 2017), he’s properly asked his love interest and is planning on taking said interest seriously by doing such. This reflects on Sheeran’s narrative, in which he parallels this song to his audience; his audience being millennials of the 21st century. He is writing this for others like him, others who have been like him, and others who have yet to be like him.
Another feature that can be analyzed and picked out from this song is a strong use of imagery. The segments that best fit the use of imagery are “We push and pull like a magnet do,” and “we talk for hours and hours about the sweet and sour,” (Sheeran, 2017). Just take back a second and imagine that. Imagine a magnet pushing away similar polarities and pulling opposite polarities. In both instances of this song, does that line of lyrics have different connotations and that can be seen in the music video. At...

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