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Edc Essay

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Endocrine system and endocrine disruptorsIntroductionThe prevalence of environmental compounds, both synthetic and naturally occurring, with endocrine disrupting properties has opened many doors in research area for scientists. It has generated debate among regulatory agencies, and the general public about the potential long term risks they pose for human and wildlife (Patisaul et al., 2009). These substances interfere with metabolism, hormone biosynthesis, or changing normal homeostatic control or reproduction into deviating forms. They are present in our surrounding environment, food, and consumer products. A broad class of molecules such as organochlorinated pesticides and industrial chemicals such as, plastics and plasticizers, fuels, and many other chemicals are represented as endocrine disruptor chemicals (EDCs) (Diamanti-Kandarakis et al.,2009). (What do they effect? What contains EDC?)In the endocrine system, these environmental pollutants are very active biologically and disrupt the function of endogenous hormones (Robins et al., 2011). Endocrine-disrupting chemicals were focused very well in 1991 when a group of scientists at a Wingspread work session has given conclusion about these chemicals. They have defined these compounds as the compound introduced into the environment by human activity are able to disrupt the endocrine system of animals, including fish, wildlife, and humans. Because of the hormones' crucial role in controlling development, endocrine disruptions have profound effects (Hotchkiss et al., 2008). (Who are affected?)This paper has three objectives: (1) to discuss about the Endocrine System and endocrine disruptor chemicals, (2) to discuss the mode of action of endocrine disrupting chemicals and the effects of endocrine disruptors on human, and wildlife (3) to discuss the sources, and routes of exposure to endocrine disruptors (4) to discuss the future perspective for endocrine disruptors.The Endocrine System (Introduce what is the endocrine system and synthetic chemicals)The body has two control systems: nervous system and endocrine system. Endocrine system is made of a group of organs called endocrine glands. These endocrine glands are present in various parts of the body. These glands release hormones that act as chemical messengers and travel through the blood. These hormones control the responses, such as growth, reproduction, metabolic rate, blood glucose levels, salt, and water balance (Rushton, 2009). The site of the neurons that control neuroendocrine system is the hypothalamus. Hormones are produced by the hypothalamic neural cells and these hormones are important for a crucial homeostatic regulatory function. These homeostatic regulatory functions can be disturbed if the actions of these hormones are interfered with any chemicals that mimic or antagonize the functions of hormones (Gore, 2010).A synthetic chemicals that when get absorbed into body either mimic or block hormones and disturb the body's normal...

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