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Eddie Carbone in A View From the Bridge During the final scene preceding the end of act 1, Arthur Miller
collects the major characters and in particular, he builds up and
develops Eddie Carbone's character. I shall now analyse this scene,
paying close attention to Miller's use of dramatic techniques.

Eddie starts off reading a newspaper, hence demonstrating Eddie's
awareness of the outside world. In contrast, Catherine and Rodolfo
read a magazine together, which may establish Rodolfo's somewhat
feminine nature; by Rodolfo and Catherine reading together it provides
a topic for discussion between the two, which could also prove their
social nature. Even so, Eddie uses his newspaper as a screen against
the other characters. Eddie conveys a 'DO NOT DISTURB' barrier between
him and the other characters, accordingly Beatrice goes around Eddie
to give him his coffee, but passes it immediately to Catherine and
Rodolfo who find magazine reading more open.

On stage, I would advise Eddie to initially grasp a tabloid newspaper,
such as the "Saturday Evening Post". This very American weekly paper
would also confirm Eddie's aspiration to become an American. However,
Eddie would immediately return the tabloid and pick up a Broadsheet,
such as the "New York Times", which includes very complex language.
The sudden change of newspaper would signal to the on looking audience
that something has motivated him to select the larger broadsheet. With
this larger newspaper Eddie would block himself off from the other
characters and threaten or warn Rodolfo of his linguistic versatility.
As a result, Eddie has already started a conflict between Rodolfo and

Afterwards, Miller shapes Eddie's hatred of Rodolfo to the extent that
Eddie despises everything he does. Therefore, when they discuss the
colour of oranges and Eddie mistakes oranges to be green, Rodolfo
thoughtfully suggests that Lemons are green.

"Lemons are green." Eddie, seeing this with spiteful scrutiny, resents
Rodolfo's instruction instantly. "(resenting his instruction) I know
lemons are green, for Christ's sake, you see them in the store,
they're green sometimes." This makes Rodolfo's attempts to speak
throughout the scene seem minimal when compared to his talkative
nature; although this only occurs because of Eddie's hasty
disturbances into Rodolfo's short sentences. As a result, Miller makes
clear to the audience, Eddie's hatred towards Rodolfo. In addition,
familiar with Rodolfo's superior speaking potential, Eddie triumphs in
the speaking contest against him, by forbidding his opponent to speak.

Moreover, Eddie's publicizes his desire to provoke conflict. For
instance, Eddie offensively remarks while he discusses...

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