Eddie's Fate. Is Eddies Fate As Inevitable As Alfieri Suggests?

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"I knew where he was heading, I knew where he was going to end"Is Eddie's fate as inevitable as Alfieri suggests?Right from the start of A View From The Bridge, during Alfieri's first monologue, he suggests that the story will not have a happy ending and it will run through a bloody course. Whenever Alfieri comes on stage the lighting fades and he is spot lit. This brings a certain gloom to the set. The effect it produces is very powerful and produces a sense of foreboding. After a couple of appearances from Alfieri, we start to think about why the tone changes so much when he speaks. Arthur Miller was very interested in Greek drama. Most plays would end with death. I feel that Arthur Miller ties in his love for Greek drama into A View From The Bridge and he offers Alfieri as a modern day Greek chorus, another aspect of Greek drama. He comes in frequently to summarise what is happening, but is also a very important character in the play itself. Alfieri seems to know more about Eddie's situation than any of the other characters in the play. Right from the start he senses Eddies feelings for Catherine, and throughout seems to know more about what is happening than any of Eddies family.There are many things that contribute to Eddie's fate. I feel that the suppression of his feelings is a main factor. Eddie's suppression of feelings leads to anger and jealousy of Catherine and Rodolpho.Right from the start of the play we notice how Eddie has hidden feelings for Catherine. He does not like Catherine wearing slightly revealing clothes. This is shown when he says, "I think it's too short". Eddie also didn't approve of the way Catherine was walking, " Now don't aggravate me Katie, you are walkin' wavy!" Eddie does not want Catherine walking wavy because he doesn't want other men giving her looks, he feels Catherine is his and does not want any other men looking at her in any other way.Eddie also does not like the idea of letting Catherine get a job. He sees that Catherine is becoming a woman now and he does not want to let that happen and loose her. He is motivated to protect Catherine and this motivation turns to anger and jealousy as soon as Rodolpho comes into the picture. Eddie is only interested in how things turn out for himself. He does not recognize how happy Catherine is with Rodolpho and eventually his persistent efforts to break Catherine and Rodolpho up lead to him calling the immigration bureau to get Rodolpho arrested. He is so blinded by his anger and jealousy that he does not think about what he is doing and this contributed to his fate.Eddie continually denies to himself those feelings he has for Catherine. His reluctance to recognise these feelings leads to his lies, deceit and eventually betrayal of the people who trusted him. The reason for his reluctance is because he knows he could never live with himself if he did recognize them.The denial of his feelings for Catherine plays a very important role in contributing to Eddie' death. I...

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