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Edgar Allan Poe´S Letters To John Allan

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Edgar Allan Poe wrote to John Allan on many occasions. In each letter Poe would use a different point of view, and purpose. Poe’s style and content contributed to the power and persuasiveness of his letters.
Poe’s first letter to John was written to try and build the father-son relationship they never really had. Usually Poe didn’t write to John unless he needed money, but he felt that he needed to build this relationship that they never had. In Poe’s second letter Poe is back to his old self. He is asking for John for money again, but he still cares about his relationship with John and doesn’t want to jeopardize it. It is easy to see that Poe doesn’t want to ruin the relationship, because he wrote, “I would rather have done anything on earth than apply to you again after your late kindness.” By the third letter Poe is in desperate need for the money he has been asking for and doesn’t care if it ends their new relationship. He doesn’t want their new relationship to end, but he desperately needs the money, because he is in debt. In Poe’s first letter all he wants is a relationship with his father and he is willing to do whatever it may take to create this relationship, but by the last letter he is too desperate to even try to keep the relationship because he needs the money and Poe feels that as his adopted father John should help him in his time of need, especially since he will help a stranger, but not his own son.
Poe uses rhetoric to get his point across and to affect the mood of his letters. The overall mood of the first letter is regret. Poe shows his regret in sentences such as, “I am ready to curse the day I was born,” and, “when I look back upon the past and think of everything.” The second letter’s mood is guilt. Poe writes in the letter, “If you refuse God only knows what I shall do and all my hopes and prospects...

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