Edgar Allan Poe; Fame Inspired By A Tragic Life

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The 19th century American poet, Edgar Allan Poe, had been plagued by grief from an early age. He was an amazing poet and author who just happened to have a darker story. Many who have studied this prestigious man feel that his works, though magnificent, were extremely dark. Some believe it was nothing more then a fancy for him to spin such gruesome tales. Others feel his work was manipulated by the misfortune of his past. These people have actually found evidence that agrees with this statement. The works of Edgar Allan Poe were inspired by the history and life style of the author. The evidence is evident, when people look back and examine the author, his life, and his writings closely.
Edgar Allan Poe was a Boston poet who lived from the early to mid 1800's. Some of his more familiar works consist of the poems “The Raven” and “Annabelle Lee”. As for his short stories, “The Fall of the House of Usher” as well as “A Tell-Tale Heart” are common reads for many academically active students. Poe himself, along with his works, are the subjects of many papers each year. It is said that he, “was one of the United States' most original and influential writers”(Poe: A Life Cut Short. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. 2008).
Poe's writings are still used in lesson plans across America. He is well read and extremely popular among all ages. People can't get enough of Edgar Allan Poe. Though, it was not always that way. During the time when Poe was living and writing, he was not taken seriously. He was seen more of a columnist then a serious writer. Though his stories were published within the magazine “Southern Literary Messenger”, it just was not enough to finance he and his wife ("Edgar Allan Poe." LitFinder.
Labrosse 2
2007). Financial insecurity was a big theme that appeared in Poe's life, along with depression and grief.
Edgar Allan Poe was born January 19, 1809, in Boston, Massachusetts and had somewhat of a depressing childhood. His parents were actors who were part of a Boston repertory theater company. They passed away when Poe was only three years old. He was then pawned off on a family friend and wealthy exporter from Richmond. John Allan took in young Poe, and he and his wife raised him into his teens (Edgar Allan Poe.” LitFinder. 2007). This is where Edgar Allan Poe picked up the last name “Allan.” Poe was never formally adopted, though he was treated as John Allan's adopted son and was even announced as his heir for a period of time. The Allan's had Poe formally educated to the best of their ability, and even took him to stay in England for five years. Frances Allan, Poe's adoptive mother, treated him as her own and loved him unconditionally (“Edgar Allan Poe” Biography in Context. 1998).
Relations with Poe's adoptive father John Allan, however, were unsteady. Allan thought Poe to be “surly and ungrateful, and gradually seemed to have decided Poe was not to be his heir after all” (“Edgar...

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