Edgar Allan Poe: Youth, Beauty, And Death

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The relationship with Edgar Allan Poe and the woman in his life – his mother, adoptive mother, and wife, Virginia Clemm – were disastrous (DiLorenzo). Yet, they provided the inspiration for some of the best gothic pieces to date. Poe often combines the romantic, long lasting love in fairy tales and the hard truth of real life. Such elements are portrayed within “Annabel Lee” and “Ulalume”. His poems refrain from creating a false paradise, and instead represent an allegory of his tribulations – the death of young, beautiful women.
For example, “Annabel Lee” is about the speaker of the poem remembering his long-lost love, Annabel Lee. Throughout the poem he references “in a kingdom by the sea” (Poe “Annabel Lee”) which portrays Poe’s fairytale ideals for love. He continues to describe their love for each other that was “-a love that was more than love” (Poe “Annabel Lee”) even though they were children. A spontaneous sickness had come over Annabel Lee, and eventually killed her. The speaker seems to believe that the angels in heaven were jealous and had killed his “-beautiful Annabel Lee” (Poe “Annabel Lee”). However, he is still reminded of her, in his dreams and in the stars, and continues to lay by her tomb every night. As expected, the lover within the poem is described as beautiful, and the love the speaker feels for her is portrayed at an emotional level, rather than sexually; thus, creating a stronger bond between his characters. It is noted that Edgar Allan Poe was spiteful towards religion. He couldn’t believe a god would allow so many of which he loved to die. This hatefulness is described throughout “Annabel Lee” through the speakers blame towards the angels (DiLorenzo). As well, the sickness that “-blew out of a cloud” (Poe “Annabel Lee”) and killed Annabel Lee could be hypothesized to be tuberculosis, a disease that took so many within his life.
Continually, “Ulalume” is another of Poe’s poems that deals with the lost of a lost lover. In summation, a lonely speaker wanders through the woods. He talks seriously to himself, represented by the physical embodiment of his Psyche, but ignores the date; though, it is important to him. Finally, as night sets he begins to believe that the moon must be Astarte, and is directing him towards paradise. Unfortunately, the moon only directs him to the tomb of his deceased love, Ulalume, and it is revealed that that night is the one year anniversary of his lover’s death. Poe wrote “Ulalume” in the same year of his wife’s death, and again reveals the death of a young, beautiful woman. Again, the speaker is left mourning the death of his lover, “Then...

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