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The Adirondack Indians knew what they were doing when they harvested the inner bark of Eastern White Pines as a valuable food resource. Pines are naturally procured in great quantities, and are quite nutritious. Knowing what parts of the pine tree are edible and how to prepare them could very well save your life. There are many parts of the pine tree that can help you out of a hungry situation.
First, I want to make sure the air is clear when I say that you can eat pine. Every species of the Pinus (pine) family can be eaten, but not necessarily other conifers such as Junipers, Spruces, Firs and some Cedars(though junipers do have edible berries that are often used to season wild game)
The various edible parts of the pine include the: inner bark, pollen, sap and needles below are a few of the many uses for pine.
Pine Bark: “Tree jerky” or “Pine chips” can be made by stripping off the bark of a FRESHLY felled tree. From there you separate the soft inner cambium layer of the bark from the outer layers. Then take the cambium and cut it into thin strips, cook on any skillet or pan until browned. It can also be or boiled if necessary but not to make chips or jerky. Please take note that there is some incorrect information out on the Internet that states that pine can be prepared like pasta and becomes noodle like when boiled, this information is false and should not be attempted. The inner bark will never become noodle like. The cambium layer “inner bark” is not only a good snack but can also be made into a flour substitute.
Pine pollen: is also edible and is a viable nutritional supplement. Gather pollen in early to mid spring. To gather the pollen, collect the “male cones” of all the pines. On the internet you can find sites selling pine pollen as a testosterone supplement, this is a misrepresentation, pine pollen indeed has some testosterone in it, but the amounts are so small that they...

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