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Edison: A Very Bright Man Essay

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What do you use to see at night? You probably said some from of light containing a light bulb of some kind. Well, before Thomas Edison came along people used gas lamps, and fire to see. Thomas Edison was person who revolutionized the world with his amazing invention of the icon descant light bulb, and he also had other revolutionary inventions.
Thomas Alva Edison was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio (Edison’s Lightbulb). His parents were Samuel and Nancy Edison, and he was the last of seven children. As a child he had very little education. He only attended school for only a couple months, his mother taught him, reading, writing, and arithmetic (Edison Biography). He was curious though, and taught himself by reading. At age thirteen, he got a job as newsboy, and was interested in and learned how to use telegraph. He became a telegrapher at age 16, and his job was to send signals United States and Canada (Edison’s Lightbulb). He worked in many cities, until he went to Boston in Boston in 1868. There he changed from being telegrapher to inventor (Edison Biography).
His first patent was an electric vote recorder, which was to record votes in law making bodies faster. It was a failure and because of this he decided to make inventions just for the public. He moved to New York in 1869, and his first successful invention was the Universal Stock Printer. He was given $40,000 for this and other inventions. With the money he set up his first small laboratory and manufacturing facility in Newark, New Jersey in 1871. At the same time got married to Mary Stilwell, and they had three children (Edison Biography).
He then moved his family and staff went to the village of Menlo Park, southwest of New York City, and opened new lab/building to a work on inventions. Here, his first great invention was the tin foil phonograph. He gained great fame; so much that he was invited to demonstrate to and by President Hayes in April 1878 (Edison Biography).
Next, he wanted to work on an electric light bulb. Other inventors had already worked on electric light bulbs, but they were not good for home use. He created an incandescent light bulb that brought him fame, and it took one and a half years (Edison Biography). The bulb had a filament that was cotton thread that was carbonized, and when current went through it burned and lit up (Edison’s Lightbulb). His bulb burned for thirteen and ½ hours He received his patent for the incandesant lightbulb on January 27, 1880 (Thomas Edison’s Patent).
With all this, Edison was happy until, Mary, Edison’s wife died in 1884. He was devastated, and without his wife he want less often to Menlo Park, but instead lived in New York City with his three kids (Edison Biography).
He then married Mina Miller in 1886, and moved to West Orange, NJ. There he built a well-equipped lab. Here he worked on his next great invention the phonograph (Edison Biography). He developed everything for the phonographs; records, recorders, and he made...

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