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IntroductionWe all know that music has changed a lot over the last century. One of the greatest changes happened mostly in North America due to the modernizing society. Europe is very different to North America, and not only in music, but also how people live, their culture, past, etc. Most of the music our days in North America is basically rap, or rock. In Latin countries such as France, people keep listening to old songs, sang by long gone, truly talented singers. The reasons for that may be that they want to remember their childhood, or their teenager life, hoping that they will share with their children just a little bit from their past. The topic I'm going to present today will deal with a very talented singer, well - known by the French people, a singer called Edith Piaf.Childhood.Edith Piaf's real name is Edith Giovanna Gassion. The star was born under a lamp - post on the streets of Paris, France on a cold night of December 19th, 1915. Due to her poor way of living, her mother wasn't able to go and give birth in a hospital, therefore she didn't have any other choice. Edith was a lonely child, not having any brothers or sisters to share her childhood with. A short time after she was born, her mother left Edith and her dad alone because she didn't like responsibilities. Her father made a living being an acrobat on the streets, therefore, starting at an early age, Edith joined her father and started performing under the name of Line Marsa. Although Edith' s childhood was poor and sad, she was a free child, which was very important for her mental growth.Edith's Life as a Teenager.At the age of 15, Edith left her dad, but...

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