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(Something that has Value)

When something is built and is there for several years it gains lots of value. Granted that this value is not in price, but more importantly in the communities heart. I understand that sometimes places get old and start to fall apart and the best option is to just tear it down. The bad thing is, when you tear something down you get rid of some of the memories that were made in that particular spot. In my community there have been several buildings that have significant value, but this one in particular has value in my heart along with all my peers and those before me.

Seeing this building getting torn down for these past few weeks has got me thinking about what has happened in the building. Memories that have been made in there for me, good and bad ones. Unfortunately one of mine is rather embarrassing and don’t really want to mention it, but I’m going to anyways since its one of the vivid memories I have that go with this place. I’m sure that you have already guessed that this mysterious building that I’m talking about is none other than the old swimming pool. This pool is the first place that I ever touched water outside my home and the first place that I have learned the basics of swimming. Since I don’t really know how to swim I kind of have a dark side towards the pool. During my grade school years, from about first to fifth grade, my class went over to the pool for a PE class to learn how to swim. Apparently five years were enough for me beings that I am not a very strong swimmer, and have a small fear of the water. Fortunately over the years, till the new pool was built and the old pool has been closed, I would go to the old pool as much as I could to swim and have just a dandy time. Surprisingly I did get better at swimming, just not as good as Michael Phelps or any of my peers.

What makes the old pool such a holy ground...

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