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Should Students wear uniforms, My thought yes they should wear uniforms, Because it help your parents save money a lot money on a regular clothes kids these days are very expensive. When wearing uniforms you only need a couple pair of pants and shirts then you will be straight. Uniforms are cheaper and it saves a lot of money for you and your parents. When getting uniforms you don’t have to buy that much stuff because uniforms aren’t expensive. Uniforms help the poor kids out a lot if you just think about. Some people didn’t come up like everybody else. Some people got it made when it come to getting regular clothes and stuff. Children are very picky about what they want now days and like to ...view middle of the document...

He didn’t have all the nice stuff as all the other kids. He was getting picked on and bully because of that it was really sad hearing about that and how he grew up. Then there are some peoples who are poor and some are rich. Some people’s parents are struggling now to get kids uniforms now days. When kids wear uniforms you can’t tell who is rich or poor. If students are in uniforms it would be less fights and arguments. Uniforms just a great idea if you just think about it. It makes your school look good and you. Peoples will respect you if you are wearing your uniforms right. You will get a lot of attention if you carry yourself like a young, student’s you are supposed to be. If students go on a field trip with the school kids wearing regular clothes it will be hard to spot them out the group because of the regular clothes. If they wear uniforms it will be easier to find them because they know how their students are dressed. If every student is dress the same when they go out on a trip it will make the school look good. Peoples notice that about schools when they go out. Uniforms will make kids start coming to school and will make them feel good about coming to school every day. If kids wear...

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