Editorial On Janet Jackson At The Superbowl

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The "stunt" pulled by Janet Jackson was inappropriate, offensive, embarrassing and outrageous - at least that is what the 200,000 people who called and e-mailed the Federal Communications Commission believe. Unless you've been under a rock for the past month I'm sure that you know the "stunt" was the unexpected flash of Janet Jackson's right breast during the MTV produced half time show of Super Bowl 38 held in January, 2004. However what was truly embarrassing and outrageous was the gratuitous coverage it got in the media. Pictures and articles about the event were plastered on the front page of every newspaper and magazine, and the topic of endless discussions on entertainment shows. Has anyone stopped to think that there are more important things that should be getting the focus of our time and attention? The war in Iraq has led to the death of many fathers, sons, husbands, wives, and daughters. Global warming threatens the existence of our world as we know it and increased poverty claims the lives of thousands daily.Throughout the entire first half of the Super Bowl cheerleaders paraded around in a cropped top and mini skirt uniform. However, there was no outcry of disgust against the "sexed-up" cheerleaders. So what was it that made the cheerleaders' performance deemed appropriate and Janet's performance inappropriate?What really amused me was the story of a man who watched the Super Bowl with his 12-year old son; while the Janet-Justin performance resulted in no comment from the youth, the commercial for Cialis - a medication for impotence resulted in the question, "What is erectile dysfunction?" For many, more...

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