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Electronic Dance Music Festivals Essay

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Electronic Dance Music, also known as EDM, has increased in popularity over the past few years. The spike in popularity has helped create a bigger industry for EDM event planners. For example, the founder and CEO of Insomniac (a popular EDM event planning company), Pasquale Rotella is worth ten million dollars alone. In the 2014 Electric Daisy Carnival trailer, Rotella said, “Finally, I’ve felt like we’re getting somewhere,” in regards to the popularity and impact of these festivals. Because thousands upon thousands of people attend these festivals and the fact that industry has grown immensely over the past few years, this musicking experience is very significant. Experiencing electronic dance music at the festivals is nothing like listening to it at home.
The music performed by DJs at EDM festivals consist of remixed songs and some that are original. The beats, bass, and rhythms are what people seem to really enjoy about this type of music, myself included. Because EDM is so different from conventional music, it is in some ways, breaking normal conventions that surround “typical” music. For example, some songs focus so much on the bass and sound, that there are no lyrics or singing at all. Although this aspect can be said about other genres of music, EDM is still quite different. Over the past few years, EDM has slowly started to enter mainstream music as well. Perhaps, this has helped with the surge of EDM festival popularity. Although the festivals are now quite large, one of the most popular festivals, EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), took quite a few years to gain the popularity it has today. The popularity of these festivals has also lead to EDC festivals being held in Europe, Mexico, and other countries.
According to Insomniac’s website, EDC started as a one-day festival in 1997. Because of its increased popularity, it now can be described as, “No longer simply an electronic music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival has grown into a one of a kind, full entertainment experience. EDC combines the world's most renowned dance music talent with leading-edge production to create an unparalleled experience of sight and sound that you will have to encounter for yourself to believe.” Christopher Small describes musicking as, “…not primarily a thing or collection, but an activity in which we engage…to express the act of taking part in a musical performance…not only performing or composing, but also listening and even dancing to music” (Small 50). EDC and similar events emphasize the importance of the experience of the attendees rather than focusing solely on the musical performers. Pasquale Rotella (EDC founder) recently said, “I don't want to be a promoter. My passion is not selling tickets and making money. I want to create an experience. You don’t need to book the big acts that sell out arenas” (Billboard). Rotella’s ideas can easily be related Small’s idea of musicking. The act of engaging with the music at these festivals is what makes them so...

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