Edmund Kemper Named The Co Ed Serial Killer Ela 11 Essay

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LastName, Chloe Clarke
ENGIV - Brownlee
Historical Cause-Effect Essay
Date 11/1/17
Edmund Kemper’s Killings of Young Women
1. Introduction
a. Hook
b. Background Information
c. Thesis Statement (matching the structure of your paper - see comment)
2. Cause 1 (What made him act out in such a violent way)
a. Topic Sentence
b. Evidence
c. Explanation
d. Evidence Explanation
e. Transition to next paragraph
3. Effect 1 (Doings as a child)
Kemper was a child that wasn't born into someone so evil, but he grew up thinking that violence and abusive was how it was suppose to be.
a. Topic Sentence
b. Evidence
“He displayed sociopathic behavior from a young age” (Murderpedia pg. 2)
“He tortured and killed animals, acted out bizarre sexual rituals with his sister's’ dolls and once said in order to kiss a teach he had a crush on, he would have to kill her.” (Murderpedia pg.2)
“On August 27 1964, Kemper shot his grandmother while she sat at the kitchen table putting finishing touches on her latest children's book. When his grandfather came home from the grocery store, Kemper shot him as well.” (Murderpedia pg, 2)
c. Explanation
d. Evidence Explanation
e. Transition to next paragraph
4. Effect 2 (Killings as an adult and the result of it)
a. Topic Sentence
b. Evidence
“Kemper bludgeoned his mother to death with a hammer, cut off her head then put it on his mantelpiece to use as a dartboard.” (Markham pg.1)....

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