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Edna B Foa Essay

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“IF you develop a wonderful protocol, its’s useless if nobody uses it,” Edna B Foa

Edna B Foa was born in Haifa IIsral 1937, she earned her BA in psychology and Literature from Dar IIan University in 1962. Foa earned her M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois in 1970 and that same year complete her PhD in Clinical Psychology and Personality at the University of Missouri. Foa is an internationally renowned authority on the psychopathology and treatment of anxiety. She approaches the understanding and treatment of mental disorders from a cognitive behavioral perspective.
Edna B Foa Has made a significant contribution in the recognition and treatment of PTSD which encompasses trauma, stress, anxiety, fear, depression to name a few.
Foa makes a point to clarify there are PTE-Exposed individuals who do not develop PTSD and PTSD individuals. PTE individuals show a lot of the same responses of PTSD. Feeling horrified and terrified, e.g. watching the collapse of the World Trade Center. Disbelief and shock, traumatic grief symptoms such as witnessing a horrible traumatic event, in person or on TV. Depression and hopelessness, for example life for the people who lived near or were around hurricane Katrina, Turning to alcohol or substance abuse to null their feelings, they also exhibit impaired functioning. Generally, PTE individuals will not develop into chronic PTSD. PTSD in turn has the same symptoms but to greater dysfunction in their lives. PTSD persons will have re-experiencing distressing thoughts and feelings about the trauma, nightmares, and flashbacks. PTSD individuals will exhibit isolation and avoidance by not talking about it, avoiding situations people places sounds especially smells that can trigger emotions memories flashbacks often time’s, individuals will self-medicate numbing themselves through the use of drugs and alcohol sometimes dangerous amounts even to state of unconsciousness, also working to exhaustion. Avoiding the trauma related situation or thoughts. Diminished interest in activities. Sleep disturbances, outbursts of anger, difficulty concentrating, and hyper vigilance.
I have a Son who was a Sergeant in the Marines and is an Iraq combat Veteran diagnosed with PTSD. Here is an example of PTSD. Neal, my son will not talk about his experiences in Iraq. Smells, such as a certain desert weed or flower brings on a bad reaction, and smell of diesel fuel will unconsciously bring him to a stop on the road or cause him to space his vehicle to “hundred meter space” between the vehicle in front of him even to avoid any pot hole or objects in the road or on the side of the road when asked what he was doing Neal explained he was “keeping us clear of I.E.D.s”. When Neal is asleep, it is best to leave him be or wake him from a distance because an unconscious violent response to the combatant living in his memories. Neal prefers to self-medicate with chemicals for avoidance or to null the...

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