Educating Children About Processed Foods And Organics In School

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The numbers of processed and genetically modified foods are on the rise. Processed foods are both fast to make and convenient for people who are always on the go. Processed foods are especially popular for children because they are given to them and they are unaware of the health consequences. Children are not fully aware of the dangers of these foods; therefore they continue to eat them. Statistics have shown that Americans are becoming unhealthy. Obesity is a huge problem facing American children today. Consuming large amounts of processed foods can lead to obesity, which may cause lifelong health problems such as heart disease and high blood pressure (Mckillip). It is also shown that ...view middle of the document...

The teacher should examine individual labels and show students what is in the food and what the ingredients mean. The organics section should talk about the benefits of eating organic food. This section may compare and contrast processed and organic foods and use real world examples of how switching to organic has helped people.
The curriculum should be taught in middle schools and high schools. If a student is exposed to this at an early age then they will be able to make an early change in their diet. The curriculum should also be repeated and taught in more depth in high school. For someone to remember a large amount of information, it should continue to be taught throughout child development (NCBI). The processed and organic food sections may be taught by the school’s physical education or nutrition teacher. The curriculum should include lectures, worksheets, quizzes and tests. The teacher may also bring in guest speakers if they choose. Teachers should also provide informational handouts that should be given to the child to take home.

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