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Educating Rita Essay

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Educating Rita

The play Educating Rita, only has two characters, Frank and Rita, Rita
wants to learn literacy, and Frank is her tutor.

The play is set in the 1970's, when there was not a lot of
unemployment, and there was plenty of money. Although Rita has
everything she needs, she is dis-satisfied with her life, she wants
something more. Rita feels that there is no meaning to life, and she
wants to find one.

The characters Rita and Frank are two totally different people, Rita
is uneducated and common, whereas Frank is educated and well spoken.

I found the play has no specific genre, I found it came under realist,
with the issues it covers like divorce, I found it came under comedy,
because it made you laugh in places, and I thought it also came under

Frank has a serious drinking habit; we are first introduced to this at
the beginning of the play, when Frank, "pulls out a pile of books to
reveal a bottle of whisky." This shows the audience that he his trying
to hide his habit because perhaps he feels it is wrong, or perhaps he
doesn't want to get caught drinking at work.

Rita's first reaction to this habit was "y' wanna be careful with that
stuff, it kills y' brain cells." This shows the audience that she
might be a person who jokes a lot, but if she says it in a serious
way, then it shows that she doesn't really like drinking, or that she
is concerned for Frank, in case he throws his life away.

In the rest of the play Frank is nearly always drunk, he is always
pouring himself a drink. In act 2 scene 5 Rita has read Franks poems,
"are you sober? Are you?" This question suggests that Frank was drunk
a lot and Rita wanted to speak to him when he wasn't.

We discover the type of relationship Frank is having with his
girlfriend at the beginning of the first scene when Frank is on the
telephone to her. "If your trying to induce some feeling of guilt in
me" This shows that they may not get on too well, so Franks girlfriend
is trying to make him feel guilty because he cant make it home for
dinner, but she didn't succeed very well.

This prepares us for his relationship with Rita by showing us that he
may just not get on too well with women, so therefore he may not get
on too well with Rita. Or it may mean that he is soon going to be
single and available.

When Rita comes into the play she...

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