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Education: A Path To Gender Equality In Labor Markets

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Human capital is a fundamental labor force. Thus, encouraging greater female participation or reinforcing gender equality in labor markets worldwide will lead to gains in productivity. However, what can be done to create gender equality? A study emphasized the equality of education. When education access to women is equal to men, occupation opportunities and earnings of men and women with similar education and experience are equal. A research in Pakistan and other studies are introduced. Their findings suggest that education plays a vital part in gender equality in labor force. In another word, education can be a path to gender equality in labor markets.
For education to be a path to gender equality, it must benefit woman equally to man. But the benefit of education depends on the equality of education including equality of access and equality in the learning process. Equality of access means that both genders are offered to gain access to formal, informal or other methods to the primary education. The actual attendance can be a preference to decide if the access has been approached. Equality in the learning process means that girls and boys are treated equally and have equal opportunities to learn. Even though the lessons may be approached to individuals in different learning styles, boys and girls should be exposed to the same curriculum. Also, the lesson materials which are brought to them should be free of stereotypes and gender bias. Moreover, boys and girls should have the freedom to learn, to explore and to develop their ability in all academic and extracurricular fields. When equality of access and equality in the learning process are achieved, the status of men and women and their ability to contribute to, take part in economic, social, cultural, and political activities are equal. This suggests that occupation opportunities, and the earnings of men and women with similar education and experience are equal. Tembon and Fort also agree with this ideal. They basically state that education can profit individuals in the labor market by assisting their admission into higher earning occupations and by increasing their earnings within an occupation. So it can promote gender equality in labor market when education access to woman is equal to man (Tembon, et all. Ed 68).
For education to promote gender equality, it must profit women equally to man, given the history of discrimination against women and girls in schooling. In order to gain insights into the relationships between education and labor market outcomes for women, one case of Pakistan is examined. Pakistan has long been known for its gender gaps in education. Girls are behind in education access, in the quality of schooling available and in the outcomes of education. Far from narrowing over time, the gender gap in primary enrollment rose by 30 percentage points between 1985 and 1995, even predominate over Afghanistan, where the corresponding gap rose by 18 percentage points over the...

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