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Education: A Pursuit Or A Resume Item?

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American children are entitled. While we dream of free education, students today will find every excuse to avoid learning. The government should not pay for two years of every High school graduate’s higher education because students would not appreciate the value of what they are receiving and make use of it. There is an insignificant difference in skills that come with two years of higher education as opposed to solely a high school diploma. While an additional two years of education would bring us up to par what is standard in the British system of education, we cannot trust the government to be responsible for providing higher education on top of the 12 years currently offered.
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These two years deduct from the career life of the individual and as a result negatively impact the amount of goods and services being produced and consumed. To make education more valuable in such a short period of time, teachers would need to as noted by Kay, make the “course material more relevant” in order to make the best of the program (38).
How can we expect the government to hold an appropriate standard to follow-up the current K-12 public education when our system does not stand up to standards set by nations we are major partners with? While it may be necessary to pursue good grades if one wishes to attend an exclusive university, but if college were also offered to some of these students wishing to further their education at a discount, one might discontinue their education for financial reasons. This would further promote a negligence to pursue higher education and lead further decay in the population with a true collegiate education.
It is difficult to suggest free collegiate education when the same could be found with resources widely available today. When one wishes to learn about a...

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