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Sir Ken Robinson said once “young children are wonderfully confident in their own imaginations ... Most of us lose this confidence as we grow up.” I think that everybody is given the divine gift of imagination and creativity, but as we grow older we change, and we start losing this given gift. As young children we are confident about our imagination and we always try to convince older people of the rightness of what we’re imagining. Sometimes we try to make and achieve things that we imagine. Since our childhood, our parents and relatives try to convince us that what we are trying is unachievable, it is impossible and it is against nature or they talk about religious restrictions. In school, ...view middle of the document...

To fulfill that, we should ensure that every one gets the basic awareness and expertise he needs to have a role in our new society. Students can’t fill in breaches of learning and in the meantime expand upon them, and instead of keeping up to be more refined masterminds, learners, and practitioners, they invest all their time simply attempting to survive and succeed in their studies.
As a consequence, instead of developing passion and curiosity in new areas, students just end up dealing with frustration and failure. Many shy away from entire subject areas, mistaking a lack of foundational knowledge for a lack of talent or ability, nd just like that whole career opportunities disappear: engineering, architecture, economics.

"Science and engineering careers are forecasted to grow more than 20% by 2018, twice the rate of the overall U.S. labor forecast." At that rate, we won't have enough people who are even minimally qualified to fill the jobs of the future, let alone those who can initiate major breakthroughs. How many Alexander Flemings, Marie Curies, and Thomas Edison will we miss out on?
Outstanding teaching, education content, and instructional design, in combination with personalized learning tools, should address this issue. Teachers can do even more of what they do best: motivate, provide individualized instruction, provoke discussion, and encourage critical thinking. Personalized learning tools facilitated by innovations in technology can ensure that high-quality and highly relevant content is delivered to each student in the most effective way, allowing every learner to master fundamental skills more efficiently and freeing up time for deeper learning, creative thinking, and tinkering.

Those that are struggling with a given subject can quickly get back on track and gain confidence; meanwhile, those that are already excelling can extend themselves to new heights. It will require plenty of hard work and dedication by everyone in the education eco-system, including students. By using technology and data to inform and tailor instruction, and placing a high value on the best instructors, we can better equip more young learners to not just keep up, but to break through. We just need to unlock it, not continue to waste it.”
The author is inferring in his article that the education is based on science, technology, engineering and maths. Other disciplines are neglected and the students are always harassed to sudy these branches because they tell them they the keys to success and good careers. The system is killing the imagination and creativity of the students. Students lose their confidence and as a result some of them will fail.
I agree with the author as sir Ken Robinson explains in the introduction of his book “the element” after telling the story of a girl in elementary school who was sure that...

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