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Education And Economic Growth In Trinidad And Tobago

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Education is generally seen as a formal process of instruction, based on a theory of teaching, to impart formal knowledge to one or more students (Cogburn, n.d.). Henceforth, individuals seek to acquire some form of schooling from pre-school through secondary school while others may go on to tertiary to better him or her in some way. A definition of education according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary is that education is “a process of teaching, training and learning, especially in schools or colleges, to improve knowledge and develop skills.” Where education in the common parlance has become a process of adding layers of one’s store of knowledge, the true aim of education is ...view middle of the document...

It is what students are taught from the syllabus and within a classroom. There is a programme that teachers and students alike must observe, involving intermediate and final assessments in order to advance students to the next learning stage (Dib, 1988). Formal education is a purposefully planned effort to impart specific skills or information to the learners. These skills and information are what individuals will use as they grow, mature and develop and take with them into the area of employment they would seek to go into. Formal education is also a systematic process in which someone designs the educating experiences. Hence, formal education is considered a success when those being instructed acquire the skills, thought and information that those designing the experience seek to impart. According to Todaro, 1989, the role of formal education is not limited to imparting the knowledge and skills that enable individuals to function as economic change agents in their societies but it also imparts values, ideas, attitudes and aspirations, which may or may not be in the nation’s best developmental interests.
Additionally an economy can be defined according to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Online Dictionary, as “the relationship between production, trade and the supply of money in a particular country or region.”
This essay will be taking a look at formal education and how formal education should be designed to meet the needs of the economy and also how it can promote economic growth. This essay will be using the country of Trinidad and Tobago as the Commonwealth country of reference.
Therefore yes, formal education should be designed to meet the needs of the economy as education is a key factor in a country’s sustainable development, as well as, individuals also the society will gain from the investments made by schooling. Therefore, it is important that the structure within the school system be effective. One must take note on whether the curriculum being used is structured in such a way that all students are catered to and no one is being left. Additionally, how the students within the system when they are being taught, are they able to articulate the work correctly and properly, are they learning as they should, are they able to grasp the work and understand it, and are they able to handle problem solving. One must also look at if there is anywhere in formal education for those students who are having any challenges. Help should be provided for them to get the help needed and not be pushed in a corner to struggle for themselves barely making it through the school system. Formal education should be structured so that as individuals exit the primary, secondary, and tertiary school system they are well equipped with knowledge and skills to take with them into the workforce and to make an impact and contribution in whatever area or field of work they journey into as well as on the wider community and society.
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