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Education And Formal Playing Essay

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The correlation between education and formal playing is a debate among researchers. Education is currently seen as a competition against students. Numerous parents consider that children who start their academic learning earlier, have greater advantages that could include higher levels of concentration and enhanced memory. They believe that fundamental skills such as reading should be instilled in children as young as five. However, no evidence supports this conception. Play is more appropriate for a young child’s formal school experiences than academics. Children are active and experimental learners who acquire information and knowledge with all of their senses. Movement is the young child’s preferred method of learning rather than seatwork. Children retain much more information when lessons are physical and require the use of all their senses. In addition, when children play they acquire numerous skills and partake in activities that they find attention-grabbing.
In pre-kindergarten classrooms today, preschoolers learn in the form of seatwork rather than playing. This way of learning limits the students from engaging in hands on experiences and can create behavioral problems later on. Active learning is considered as a solution to solve this problem. Active learning refers to the techniques where students do more than simply listen to a teacher discussing about new topics. Students are involved in activities that include discovering, processing, and applying information. As a result, active learning combines playing as well as academics into one. The benefits of active learning allow children to engage in the world around them and grasp new topics by applying what they know using past knowledge about the topic. Also it makes the...

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