Education And Its Effect On Social Hierarchies:

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Education and its effect on social hierarchies:
Education in the past was just a way to get by in life; you only went to school to learn just enough basic knowledge and skills to survive. Education was a political dispute between allegiances and counties; sending children to certain school was almost like voting for a political party to show loyalty. Education in the South was also deeply rooted in conservative traditions of no common curricula between teachers, “fixed truths” of antebellum universities that could not be challenged or debated about, and strict social hierarchies and race, class, and gender inequalities. At the turn of the century, the South experienced major reforms in ...view middle of the document...

Driven by lackluster results of training teachers in the South and growing radicalism, McIver and gender reformists championed the belief that role of women in the public sphere should be expanded, and that their services be considered valuable. After long series of struggles between reformists and conservatives, North Carolina government finally approved $10,000 for the development of a new college, known as the North Carolina Normal and Industrial School for Women in the year of 1891. The development of a normal college for women was a huge milestone for gender equality: once denied women could get education. According to the book Schooling the New South, the average age to be admitted into the NC Normal and Industrial school was 19, and most of them didn’t have any education above common or graded schools (Leloudis, Schooling the New South; Page 94). Furthermore, 60-70% of the women reported that they could not have afforded further training had they been denied a place in the normal school (Ibid; Page 94). Normal schools for women were able to provide new opportunities, but conservative traditions and gender roles still made it very difficult for women to actually take that given opportunity. Between 1892 and 1900, 25% of women entering school were actually orphans or daughters of widows (Ibid; Page 95). This essentially meant that society denied married or non-married women property rights and offered them few opportunities for wage earning. Families and traditional gender roles confined women and young girls at home, excluding them from public spheres and open life.

While offering women new opportunities in education and teaching, reformists supported women having an active role in society, and argued that women’s services were valuable to society. Culturally, a woman’s work was deemed less valuable than a man’s: women were paid less, hired less, and were seen as being weak and unable to work as hard as men. When it came to teaching in schools, however, reformists explained that women were considered more capable than men because schools demanded a “mother’s care”. One reformist says, “Woman is the only creature who is sympathetic enough to be a model teacher” and also, expressing that students need ‘the love of a teacher’ for an efficient learning environment. “The teacher must have the essence of tenderness developed in the highest degree, and no man has this” (Leloudis, Schooling the New South; Page 78). Most importantly, women took teaching careers more seriously than men; men simply saw education as a steppingstone for something else in the future. For women in that era, being able to take up a profession meant much more than just trying to get ahead in life. It was, in fact, breaking the social barriers that women had been confined in for the longest time.

By the 20th century, women had taken up 50% of North Carolina’s teaching jobs (Leloudis, Schooling the New South; Page 74) and by the late 1890s NC Normal College had at least...

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