Education And Teaching It's Time For Uniforms In Public Schools

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Education and Teaching - It's Time for Uniforms in Public Schools

My niece will be attending kindergarten in the fall. She is so excited to be taking the big yellow school bus to school. While she is excited to attend school, I just hope she be in a safe environment at school. I remember my school days when a boy was pulling a girl's ponytail or kids were pushing one another in line, this type of behavior was considered disruptive or violent. Today it is a different story. I read the paper and listen to the news of school violence. Kids shooting kids. Children as young as 8 years old bring guns to school. These situations scare me to death. I try to remember when I was going through middle and elementary school and how I would have felt if school uniforms were mandated. I can not really tell you how I would have felt 15 years ago but some students may argue that wearing school uniforms infringes their freedom of self- expression. As a parent of two children, I would support the wearing of school uniforms in public school at the elementary and middle school levels. School uniforms may not solve the problem of violence or disruptive behavior in the public schools, but it is a step in the right direction. The implementation of uniforms can promote good order and discipline, communicate respect, reduce the competition/envy of brand-name clothing, and provide a serious learning environment.

Notions, such as safety in schools, would have been a given 10-15 years ago, but today it's something we do cannot assume. School can be tough at any age. Parents want their children to concentrate on their academics, not to worry about the violence that has entered our schools. Children are being attacked for the labeled clothing and the gang clothing worn by some students. These are just some of the factors generating an increase in violent behavior at school. The school board members and the PTA (parent teachers association) knew something needed to be done. One of the many suggestions made was to implement a school uniform policy. The Department of Education and Department of Justice developed a "Manual on School Uniforms", which describe the benefits of school uniforms, provides an outline for establishing a school uniform policy for schools that are interested in the program, and describes numerous uniforms programs from other school districts across the country.

Peer pressure in school can be overwhelming. At times peer pressure can entice students to do things they may not normally do. Keeping with "In-Style" clothing and accessories at school can be time consuming and expensive. These types of distractions, sometimes, overshadow the importance of academics at school. No one ever wants to be ridiculed for what type of clothing he or she may wear to school. Some children do not many chooses when it comes to clothing for school. School uniforms can help minimize some of...

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