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Education Around The World Essay

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Education is the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge or skills, as for a profession developing the powers of reasoning and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life. Before education was not popular, the idea of children needing to be in school is new. It just so happens that to get into college you need a high school diploma and most jobs require one to have some type of education. So it is a necessity, than a need in this day and age. Some places around the world have it better in education than others which puts them first in league. This paper will discuss those differences.
In Great Britain and Japan schools were mainly ...view middle of the document...

S students. They also attend Saturday cram schools to give them an advantage on tests. They barely have extracurricular activities or electives because they feel it would distract students from the important subjects. In many ways the U.S and Japanese systems are starting to look more alike, this is a great thing. It is time to put more emphasis on students and their education as oppose to everything else that distracts them.
India is a large country with more than 1 billion people. India has more software engineers than any other country in the world including the U.S, but because of lack of jobs, India exports their most educated and highly trained health professionals, technical exports, businesspeople, and physicians. Indian Americans are the single most educated U.S immigrant group but 50 % of Indians are illiterate people. Most Indian children receive primary education but classes are very large, with sometimes sixty students and inconsistent attendance. Most children, especially females have to work to support their families. So sometimes the female literacy rate is high. Not in all states of India is the same. For instance in southern India states men and women hold prominent positions and the educational levels of girls and boys are equal. Only half of Indian youths go to secondary school, and a university education is a desired opportunity but even for a...

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