Education As An Absolute Necessity Essay

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Education as an Absolute Necessity

Today in American society, higher education has become an absolute necessity. The pride and status that once accompanied a high school diploma is longer existent. In the present day job markets, a college degree has become something of a minimal standard integral in obtaining even a mediocre occupation. However, higher education is an expensive investment that many minorities of the United States have found to be an unattainable reality for themselves and their children. College is without question an unforgettable experience, but only for those who can afford it. Yet, should education be only available to the deep pockets, to those who probably could afford not attending at all. No, I believe education should be a basic human right for all people no matter their race, religion, gender, or economic status.
Education itself is an ever-changing field, reason being the changing world that directly influences it. The more education one attains, the more aware they become of their world around them. Yet, not everyone has the means to grasp higher education and its benefits. Unfortunately, some students are simply unable to afford the outrageous tuition costs while others cannot meet the standards of today's colleges because of poor public schooling at elementary levels. The average tuition for a top ranking college ranges between forty and thirty thousand dollars a year. For many minorities these numbers just might as well be in the millions. Usually, many students of color find it very difficult to pay for college. Their parents, who probably hold low paying jobs, never planned ahead for higher education. Therefore, these students must struggle with working part-time jobs and commuting to low-grade universities and public colleges that are close-to-home.
I see education as a basic human right that everyone is entitled to. Education instills power and freedom in those who seek it. Many believe that education is for the rich and well off, when in fact education is for those who want it. Yet, how can those who desire it, afford it? Some could...

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