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Education Does Affect Creativity Essay

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If you want to be a creative person, you should be far away from school. Nowadays, the topic of the relationship between innovation and creativity has attracted attention from all aspects of society. At most situations, schools do affect innovation. But instead of saying schools “suppress” creativity, it is more accurate to say school “affect” education.
First of all, the creative ability is controlled by cognitive ability. A person keeps learning thing after his born. People will have higher cognitive ability if they spend more time in learning. In order to prove what the relation between cognitive ability and creative ability is, the researchers in the university of Pennsylvania ...view middle of the document...

Her team discovers that creativity scores rise with age until around 5th grade and then they remain static or decline during high school.
Second of all, Education teaches people not to make mistake, but making mistake is the beginning of being creative. An lecture was given by Sir Ken Robinson, who is an English author, speaker, and international advisor on education in the arts to government, non-profits, education, and arts bodies. He graduated from the University of London. In the lecture, he talks about three themes. Firstly, he talks about the extraordinary evidences of human creativity. Secondly, he explains people’s trust in education. Finally, he goes over the relation between education and creativity. He suggests a point of being wrong is not the same thing of being creative. But if a person is not prepared to be wrong, he will never come up with something original. Most children have already lost that capacity which is not prepared to be wrong because the education they accepted educates them out of that capacity. Sir Ken Robinson says, “Our education system has minded our minds in the way we strict mind the earth. But for the future, it won server. We have to think the fundamental principle on which we educate our children. The only way to reach our creative capacity for the richest they are and seeing our children for the hope that they are. Even though we may not see the future, but the kids will. And our job, is to help them make something out of it.”
Education does affect creativity because what school require students to do are in conflict with developing creativity. The following article demonstrates such educational problem in China. The schools of China overemphasis on rote memorization. Students are taught that what they memorized are right and have absolute authority. A top-down instructional style that crushes...

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