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Education Equality in Pakistan"Education is directly related to the development of the society" (Shahzad, et al, 2011). As many people know education is important and something that many strive for. In Pakistan the chance of a women getting the opportunity to pursue an education is very slim; and if they do pursue an education they generally don't succeed. The astounding gap between literacy rates in men and women has begun to cause concern in Pakistan. There are many suggestions being made to better the Pakistani education system for women and by doing so women would benefit individually and also greatly better their societies.There has been an ever evolving gap between men and women's literacy rates in Pakistan and it has become so much of a problem that many people are beginning to try and figure out why. According to Pakistan's Ministry of Education, "a literate person is defined as one who can read a newspaper and write a simple letter in any language" (Latif, 2009). This definition is very clear and concise but does not relate directly to the Pakistani people. Pakistan's literacy rate is at 49.9% but the gap between men and women is astounding. The literacy rate among men is at about 61.7% and among women it is 35.2%. In rural areas, women's literacy rates drop another alarming 25% (Shahzad, et al, 2011). These numbers are extremely significant when reflecting on how many women live in Pakistan and could be contributing to society. About 50% of Pakistan's population consists of females and looking at Pakistan's women's labor force, only 7% are working compared to 40-50% in other countries (Shazahd, et all, 2011). This is obviously due to the low education and literacy rate among women, which has affected them individually and as a community.The second major issue involved in the educational gap between men and women is trying to figure out why this is happening. Are girls just not trying as hard or is there something more involved? Of course there are many reasons why the test scores have been so different and there could be a study focusing in on each reason, but for now just looking at the possible reasons why can open a door of insight for many people. According to Latif's research which was found in the National Plan of Action (Ministry of Education, 2001) there are eight main reasons why there are low literacy rates. The first is that the students live a long way from school and lack a way to get there. Secondly, they have substandard textbooks and the curriculum that is being taught is completely irrelevant to the society in which they live. The schools lack qualified teachers, and the teacher to student ratio is extremely high (48:1). There are gender disparities and bias within the textbooks and curriculum. The entire curriculum is directed towards the males and not the females. Poverty is extremely pervasive and if one's needs at home are not being met attending school and/or focusing are not much of a possibility. Many parents...

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