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Education For Females And Equality Essay

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Chapter 5 of Tozer and Senese’s School and Society; Historical and Contemporary Perspective talks about education for females. It begins with how the role and the idea of a women originated from and how that idea of women impacted the view of education for girls and women. Throughout the chapter, the authors show the sign of progression towards equal education such as the establishment of the first school designed for the education of females and the beginning of colleges accepting women as students.
The notion of the female being inferior to males comes from religious text. In the biblical story of Adam and Eve, according to the apostle Paul, Eve was created from the rib of Adam and Eve was chosen to be deceived by the serpent. The apostle Paul, according to Tozer and Senese (2010) believed that “ ….the woman was deceived and was in sin. Yet women will be saved by childbearing, if they continue in faith and ...view middle of the document...

There were some schools that allowed girls to get an education, but it was only after the boys left. Girls and boys couldn’t be taught in the same room. According to Tozer and Senese (2010), “ ….a male-dominated society would try to fit women into the roles demanded by men. In early America, ‘a learned wife was not sought after.” (pg. 130) Emma Willard believed that women were capable of higher learning and established the Troy Female Seminary, a school dedicated to the education of females. After the establishment of a school for females, it spawned on other changes such as the establishment of a high school for female education and the beginning of some colleges accepting female students.
For Tozer and Senese, the function of education for women during the 17th and 18th century was to train girls to become good wives and mothers. Most of the education that females received, according to Tozer and Senese (2010), was to “ ….improve the manners and morals of society by teaching and by example, and guide the development of the future generation during the early years of childhood” (pg 131) Tozer and Senese calls this the cult of domesticity. Women were to be taught to take care of their husband and the raise children. As the push for female education grew, the role of education for women began to change from preparing women to be good wives and mothers.
As a prospective educator, I must keep a curriculum that is gender neutral. From previous classroom experience, some girls usually become uninterested in certain subjects such as science and math. As a high school student, I didn’t like science and the school consist of few female teachers of math and science. As a future educator, I want all of my students to do good or excel in every subject and not to give up on a subject because they believe that it favors one gender. Also, I would try to treat all students fairly and equal. From my observations inside of an elementary school, teachers give more attention to boys that girls so that boys can behave. Giving the same opportunities for learning and treating all students fairly can help assure that females would not be discriminated against.

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