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Education In A Bundle Essay

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Perhaps one of the most perplexing arguments a person could make is whether or not elementary education is important. When children learn to read and write, is it because they learned on their own or is it because they were taught for many hours and worked one skill at a time? Over the last generations, elementary education, especially preschool, was just something a parent could choose to send their kids to. It wasn’t mandatory and parents had different perspectives. Some may say it was pointless while others say it helped their child tremendously. Has it become a lost cause or is a young child’s education important? The building ...view middle of the document...

It is great to work at local daycares, preschools, student teach, or visit schools with a possible career you are focusing on.
Money doesn’t matter if you are passionate about your job. A job should not be centered on the pay; it should be centered on something you are passionate about. As a preschool teacher, except for special education, the average wage is around $27,130 per year as of 2012. Depending on previous experience and hours put in, this amount could change. The field of preschool education has been predicted to grow 15-21% and have over 199,440 job openings by 2022 (O*Net).
Not only does the classroom need to be a place for children to enjoy, it also needs to be a place a teacher can enjoy. The work environment is not always ideal. Sometimes there will be lots of chitchat and other times the room might be completely quiet. As a teacher, there will be employees that you do not get along with. There will be troubled children who don’t know how to control their anger or their emotions. Like the children, the teacher will adjust to changes. Not everyday is ideal, but everyday is worth the time and effort.
In order to be a preschool teacher, it takes a lot of time and patience. As a preschooler, children might not fully grasp all of the essential behavior rules. It isn’t

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easy to teach 4 and 5 year olds how to act properly all the time, but in order for them to grow into young adults, the standard behaviors should be enforced.
Children of any age have a hard time keeping their brains focused on anything for long periods of time, as do many adults. A key learning experience for children is teaching them their shapes, colors, and numbers. In order to do this, bright colored paper, sparkly writing, and coloring sheets might make it a little more interesting and can even help them latch on to the material.
While letting kids learn their shapes, colors, and numbers, it is important for them to have time to explore for themselves. Exploring might mean sitting down and picking out words in a book they know, it might mean playing with others in the sandbox, it might mean coloring Disney characters to give to their moms and dads for their birthdays. The littlest bit counts and the more the child explores when they’re little, the further ahead they’ll be when they are older.
When considering a college for your profession it is important to know about the programs they have to offer. Ohio State University is known for their development and education program. The university is designed to prepare students working with young children or teaching. They focus on early childhood principles based on guidance and discipline, the curriculum that needs to be taught. They offer...

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