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Education In America Essay

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Education is a fundamental element in our culture. Without a proper education, it is difficult to go anywhere in the American society. Teachers and educators push their students to go outside of their comfort zones and reach beyond their limitations. However, to ensure that everyone is getting the same information at the same speed, things such as Common Core are created. Yet, with hundreds of high school drop-outs and many other students that do not feel that education is essential in their life, it is clear that whatever administrators are doing now is not working. Which is more important: being able to test well or actually learning something and keeping that knowledge throughout one’s life? The way that the curriculum is currently set up is draining our children of creativity and telling them that there can only be one answer, and out-of-the-box thinking is not allowed. A true education encourages innovation, is free of expense and gained during the course of life. Although America is trying the very best to give every child the education they need and deserve, society is failing to provide that education.
In a world filled with billions of people, it is a well-known fact that everyone is different. Every human thinks, acts and feels differently than another. Why then, in this world of so many variances, do politicians and educators think they can teach every child the same thing, the same way and get the same results? This is an absurd assumption. “Education prevents both the revenge and the madness (Mann p250).” If a student does not receive this education properly, in a way that he or she understands, it could mean that a generation of intelligent individuals has been lost – lost to the greed and anger of the natural man; subjecting their happiness to substance. In this instance, it is very clear that something in the educational system is flawed – in such a way that no child can learn. On the other hand, if just a few students find it extremely challenging to learn, these children and teens are punished by failing the class, or by being held back a grade. This can cause them to become rebellious and...

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