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Education In China And Germany Essay

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Education in China and GermanyIn recent years, more and more students go abroad for study. Germany is one of themost important destinations for Chinese students. "There are currently 26,000 Chinesestudents in Germany, making up one-tenth of its international student population."(China Daily, 2007) Also, Germany is one of the main countries whose students cometo China for study. "According to China's Ministry of Education, there are currently1,280 German students in China, making Germany the seventh largest contributor ofstudy-abroad students." (China Daily, 2007) However, there are more differences thansimilarities between the educational systems of China and Germany.The educational systems of China and Germany are similar in a number of ways. Inthe first place, curriculums are similar. "In Germany, the curriculum usually focuseson mostly academic subjects, even in vocational schools, with a limited offering ofphysical education, sports, art, music and computer technology."(Resource Booklet,2008) Similarly, in China, schools always arrange lots of academic subjects, but onlyhave sports, art and music once every two weeks. Also, their school day both start at7:30 or 8:00 in the morning and the schools day per year is 220 or so and the schoolyear is ten months long.In spite of these similarities, the educational systems of China and Germany differgreatly. One of the major differences is the schedule or time in school. "Germanchildren only attend school in the morning. There is no provision for serving lunch.There is a lot more homework, and very few extracurricular activities."(How toGermany, 2008) While in China, it is absolutely different. Schools start...

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