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Education In High School And Its Effect On Democracy

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Education should prepare citizens with the skills needed to be successful in a democratic society. Without this kind of education, a democracy cannot flourish. In his 1916 publication of Democracy and Education, John Dewey implies the importance for a democracy to maintain "a course of study of criteria which are broadly human." Education should provide the foundation for which the individual can interpret their view of democratic principles. These ideals are not only susceptible to human error and disagreement but also broad enough to be applicable to the changing aspects within a democracy. However, what modern high schools have done to implement these ideas into their curriculum have ...view middle of the document...

The few would eventually have the money and power to control the masses, and inherently destroy democracy. Although high schools have changed to allow everyone the chance to attain higher education, the growth of democracy is still limited. People that are subjected to take high school realize that "too many opportunities have been lost and too much time has been wasted," (Source 2). Students are not taught the skills that are needed to succeed in a democratic society. They are not taught how to socially interact with peers. They are not taught how to disagree with teachers. Instead they are taught to adhere and conform to the rules established by their teachers. They must listen or face punishment, and this ultimately weakens the growth of democracy.
This has led many young people to simply drop out of high school. Efforts have been made by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help "ease the transition from high school to college or the workplace," (Source 4). The program has offered high school drop outs a curriculum that...

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