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Education In Microbiology Essay

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“Enjoy life and follow your heart”

These are simple rules in my life taught by my father. From the very beginning in my life, liberation in my mind was a blessing that I was bestowed with. I learnt to think and understand my world in my own view and to question the convention. These qualities were proven worthwhile in my academics when I get the Junior Scholarship from Bangladesh Government in the nationwide meddle-school examination. I passed my Secondary School Certificate (SSC) examination securing GPA 5.00 out of 5.00. My diligence and passion for knowledge and academics were truly illustrated when I got the perfect attendance certificate from Notre Dame College, Dhaka. By this time, my academic interests were taking a shape towards science courses, and that was reflected during my Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) examination with perfect grades in Mathematics and Biology.

For my undergraduate studies, I took admission to University of Dhaka, the highest echelon of academic excellence in Bangladesh majoring Microbiology. The academic studies, different national seminars and international journals were some sources for me to understand the real prospect of studying microbiological research to achieve my goals. And the step I took in research work during my undergraduate research project created an ever-growing thirst for unraveling the mysterious, yet orderly, biological process. My heart wants me to be a research scientist in microbiology. And now I am planning to pursue my future graduate studies in your esteemed institute.

Research Experience & Lab Experience:

I have done a research project during the final year of B.S. study titled “Antibiogram and Plasmid extraction for MDR E coli isolates from the clinical sample of UTI (Urinary tract infection)” under the supervision of Dr. Marufa Zerin Akhter. Because of the “over the counter” availability of antibiotics in developing countries like Bangladesh, it became a common practice to consume it even without any consultation with physicians. Therefore, we intend to investigate the concurrent status of antibiotic resistance among the clinical samples of UTI. We found that all the isolated strains were of multiple drug resistance types. That means that majority of the people will not respond to the conventional antibiotics anymore. On that project, I also showed that most of these bacterial resistances were plasmid-mediated. The overall findings were very concerning regarding our country. I presented that projects in a seminar held in Department of Microbiology, University of Dhaka, considering the project results’ high potential, and the talk was highly appreciated by the...

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