Education In New Jersey Essay

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Education In New Jersey

My early educational experiences help shape the path of my life. Looking forward at this path was like looking into a dark cave. My educational experiences were the torches that light up the cave. These torches allowed me to maneuver around the traps of everyday life. I could have ended up at McDonalds or as some hairy, human byproduct smelling homeless person. The experiences that mostly affected my life happened in these three periods of my life: grade school, junior-high school, and high school.
Grade school was where I was first introduced to the stench of learning. The smell was a mixture between fresh paper and what ever cleaning products the school bought. During this time I went from jumping off the walls to a interactive statue. This shift caused me a lot of problems. The shift hindered my ability to participate in class. I ended up being to afraid of answering or asking questions in front of my peers. Even though I was forced to do plays in front of crowds, I still lacked the self-confidence to speak in front of my peers. This phobia probably ended up hurting my social and educational life.
Next was junior high. The thorns of fear and shyness were still stabbing at my self-confidence. The thorns were becoming dull, but they still hinder my participation in class. At this time I was introduced to a lifesaving strategy. This strategy is known as organization. To me this was a hard concept to master. The organization experiences I had before was throwing toys, cloths, and books into like piles. Me being lazy, I chose to watch television than organizing papers. If a man had a choice of partying or doing work, he would probably chose to party. At the same time, my intellect was beginning to shine. I was on...

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