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Education In The 21st Century Essay

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The twenty first century has brought profound challenges to nature, values and the control of higher education in the United States. Society expectations and public resources for higher education are undergoing fundamental shifts. Changes both within an outside the academy are altering its character- it students, faculty, and governance, curriculum, functions, and very place in society. The import of major external influences on U.S. higher education, particularly government and market pressure, and in turn, the impact of resulting institutional decisions in the matter such as program choices, tuition charges, and the conduct of research on outcomes of higher education for society at large. There are five issues that we can address by changing answers by the public, policy makers and highs education to central questions about the value, role and control of higher education: who pays for higher education? Who benefits? Who decides who should benefit, what should be offered and what the outcome should be? By necessity, of course, other significant uses are omitted from this discussion. While each of the issues still raises three question who pays? Who benefits? And who decides? States today have become "minority partners" in the college and universities that bear their names. On average, states now supply only a little over one-third of public colleges reverence. Because these funds generally pay most basic instructional cost, such as faculty and staff salaries, state support remains critical to public institutions.Political involvement in universities is not new. Federal and state policy makers have long set aside research dollars for projects untended to stimulate economic development I particular business sectors on to are specific health problems. A recent trend highlights how political intervention may subvert the research process to serve partisan or ideological ends. First is congress's growing to "earmark" research monies for universities in the home districts or states of powerful legislators. Second is an ideological cast in some cases regarding what and who are studied. In one with views of some religious groups, for example president Bush in 2001 banned federal funding of...

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