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Education is always one of the most concerns of Americans. When talking about it, people often mention its aim of equal opportunity as well as competitive and selective education system. There are so many different opinions towards these two goals.
From elementary school to college, Americans believe that everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn. This encourages as many American as possible to express their ability. Besides, the view that education gradually help to against racial discriminations and differences in social background was and is widely accepted. For instance, schools in the US implement many programs to bring together people from various cultures, different religions ...view middle of the document...

I personally think these two goals are not conflict if we based on the concept of the education ladder. It perfectly reflects the idea of individual success relying on both the equal opportunity and the “bettering oneself” or “working your way to the top”. Moreover, there has no higher level of education for the wealthy and a lower level of education for the mass. People all have the same public educational system. So how high individuals can climb on the ladder, it’s depend on their will and ability. I greatly agree on the idea is public schools all create equalities, after that you have to work on your own to be successful. Indeed, those who have a high standard of education can achieve high positions in society and in the various professions.
On the contrary, there also have many elements causing the conflicts between the two aims of American education. Unlike public schools, the elite private school not only give an extra education and social advantage to students whose families can pay higher tuition to attend, but also protects them from competition with public schools for entering the best universities. Another conflict is that children who come from better educated families or have attended better high schools, often have more advantages over another. There still have a big problem in the United State where extremely focus on the goal of equal...

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