Education Is Key: A Comprehensive Approach To Sex Education

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Sex education is about informing students about sex so that they can make educated decisions when the time comes to have sex. Sex education helps students protect themselves from unintended pregnancies, STDs, and HIV/AIDS. Students should leave a sex education course with the right tools so they make informed decisions about their sexual health and well-being. The goal of sex education is to provide a student with as much information as possible so that they can use the skills they learned in class for the rest of their lives.
However, for some time now, sex education has been a hot button issue in the United States. The debate is over which form of sex education is best for students. In recent years there has been much debate about which form of sex education is most effective: Abstinence, Abstinence-Plus, or Comprehensive. Abstinence sex education does not acknowledge that teenagers will become sexually active, thus, students do not learn about the different forms of contraception, and students do not learn about abortion. Also, students are taught that the risks of contracting an STD or HIV are prime reasons to remain abstinent. Abstinence-plus sex education explores the context and significance of sex. Although abstinence-plus education still promotes abstinence, it is acknowledged that many teenagers will become sexually active. Students are taught about contraception, abortion, STDs, and HIV/AIDS. Comprehensive sex education does not focus on teaching young people that they should remain abstinent until marriage, though it does teach it. Although students learn the benefits of abstinence, students learn how to themselves when they do decide to have sex.
In my high school, we were required to have a one-semester health class in 9th grade. Because my high school was a progressive school, they took a comprehensive approach towards teaching sex education. In my opinion, the best form of sex education for a student in my high school would have to be comprehensive sex education. Comprehensive sex education can reduce behaviors that put young people at risk of HIV, STDs, and pregnancy. I see sex education as being about providing students with enough information so that they can protect themselves against the dangers that come along with having sex. Without access to information about all aspects of not only sex, but also sexuality, teenagers will not be able to make the right decisions when it comes to their bodies.
The best form of sex education is comprehensive sex education. Comprehensive sex education would be best for high school students because it lets students make their own choices about sex. If they want to save sex for marriage, it should be their decision. The good thing about a comprehensive approach to sex education is that although classes may touch on the subject of abstinence, students also learn about how to protect themselves from infections and pregnancy if they decide to engage in sexual activity. ...

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