Education Is Necessary For Society To Function

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Education is a powerful tool that supplies a plethora of information to anyone who is willing to learn. There are many degrees to being an educated person as education begins at birth and ends at death. Without education, society as a whole would seize to exist; the knowledge to invent new drugs to cure different diseases would not be available, new societies would not be built, and technology could not move forward. Education supplies people with the morals, beliefs, skills, and knowledge that they can utilize throughout their lives.
There is a common misconception that the education of a person begins when they enter into a school system, however, this is simply not the case. The learning process of a person begins when they enter into this world at birth. The parents or guardian of that child begins the educational process by instilling values, morals, and beliefs amongst many other things, that will benefit that person to function as a valuable member of society. By this, I mean that in order for a person to thrive and fit into society they must be educated. The parents or guardian of a child, teach their children many of the same things that their role models taught them when they were children. Generational education is an integral part of what makes the world go round.
An education is thought to be a privilege in our society. There are a lot of people that cannot afford to go to college to obtain a higher education. The people that cannot afford to go to college are still an important part of our society because they obtained a high degree of knowledge and life skills from their parents, guardians, or other role models in their life. There are millions of jobs in this...

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